Audio Samples (List of Works below)

List of Works

Chamber Music:

Swuite Nation (2017) (fl.,, vln, vc)

  • Premiered by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble in France, Conducted by Jean Phillipe Wurtz

Macula (2009) for 10 instruments (fl, cl, pno, 2 percussion, 2 vln, vla, vc, db)

  • Composed as part of the Master of Music Thesis at McGill University

Specks (2007) for 10 instruments, (fl, cl, pno, 2 percussion, 2 vln, vla, vc, db)

  • Premiered by the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, Conducted by Denys Bouliane

3 Etudes (2004) for 2 Percussion and 2 Pianos

  • Premiered by the Hammerhead Consort; awarded second place in the Socan Young Composers Competition

Malepulsoable for brass quartet and percussion, 2003

  • Premiered by the brass faculty at the University of Alberta

Inertia for String Quartet, 2003

  • Premiered by the string faculty at the University of Alberta

Glimpes of a Lego Receptacle for Woodwind Quintet, 2002

  • Premiered by the wind faculty at the University of Alberta


Keyboard and Solo Works:

2 and a Half Miniatures for solo piano, 2006

  • Premiered by Xenia Pestova

Flux for solo alto saxophone, 2005

  • Premiered by Pu Yuan-Ku, Taipei, Taiwan

Independent Turmoil for solo double bass, 2003

  • Premiered by Matt Stepney

Pleiades for Solo Piano, 2002

  • Premiered by Roger Admiral


Electronic Music/Mixed works:

All Together Now, 2 instruments and audio loops (fl, ten. sx.), Skirts  Fire festival, March 2017

Scrap, for 7 instruments (fl, cl,, vln, vc, pno, perc) and electronics, 2016
*Premiered June 2016, Edmonton, AB, commissioned by the Violet Collective

(RRR) for piano and live electronics, 2014        
 *Premiered March 2015, commissioned by Xenia Pestova


The Long and the Short of It (2008) for cello, live electronics and 2 Digital Musical Instruments

  • Premiered by the Digital Orchestra (Xenia Pestova, Erika Donald and Fernando Rocha) during the Musimars New Music Festival, Montreal

Bovine Etudes (2006) for 2 digital musical instruments

  • In collaboration with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology

Flow (2005) for stereo-channel electroacoustic systemAltovis (2005) for voice and live-electronics

  • Performed during Soundscope, Edmonton Nextfest, 2005

State of the Union (2004) for stereo-channel electroacoustic system

  • Presented during the EuCue electroacoustic series, Montreal 2005

Interdisciplinary Works/Projects

?Stable for mouthpiece-less saxophone and dancer, 2005

  • Premiered by Alfredo Mendoza and Miriam Esquitin, Expanse Festival

Improvisations, piano, electronics and 3 dancers (in collaboration with Milezero Dance lab), 2005

Almost Exuberant, 1995

  • premiered by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, young composers project 



Converge (from Three Etudes for 2 pianos and 2 percussion)
Performed by the Hammerhead Consort, 1st prize winner in Serge Garrant Category, Socan Awards



RRR (Piano and Live Electronics)
Commissioned by Xenia Pestova,  Premiere Frontiers Festival, Birmingham UK



Macula (Chamber Ensemble, 10 Instruments)
Performed by McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble



Two and a Half Miniatures for Solo Piano


Performed by Ian Pace, Leuven, Belgium

The Long and the Short of It (excerpts)


Musimars New Music Festival (Montreal), Cello, live electronics and 2 digital musical instruments.
Erica Donald, Xenia Pestova and Fernando Rocha

Flow, electroacoustic media


Swuite Nation (Flute. Bass clarinet, Violin and Cello)
Premiered by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble, Etchings Festival, France



Scrap, 7 Instruments + Electronics
Commissioned by the Violet Collective/New Music Edmonton  



All Together Now, Tenor Sax, Flute + DJ Loops
Premiered by Allison Balcetis and Chenoa Anderson, Skirts-a-Fire Festival, Edmonton, AB