Audio Samples (List of Works below)

All Together Now, Tenor Sax, Flute + DJ Loops
Premiered by Allison Balcetis and Chenoa Anderson, Skirts-a-Fire Festival, Edmonton, AB  



Swuite Nation (Flute. Bass clarinet, Violin and Cello)
Premiered by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble, Etchings Festival, France



Scrap, 7 Instruments + Electronics
Commissioned by the Violet Collective/New Music Edmonton  



RRR (Piano and Live Electronics)
Commissioned by Xenia Pestova,  Premiere Frontiers Festival, Birmingham UK



Macula (Chamber Ensemble, 10 Instruments)
Performed by McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble



Two and a Half Miniatures for Solo Piano


Performed by Ian Pace, Leuven, Belgium

The Long and the Short of It (excerpts)


Musimars New Music Festival (Montreal), Cello, live electronics and 2 digital musical instruments.
Erica Donald, Xenia Pestova and Fernando Rocha

List of Works

Chamber Music:


Don’t Say a Word  (2021) (,vc, piano)

Swuite Nation (2017) (fl.,, vln, vc)

  • Premiered by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble in France, Conducted by Jean Phillipe Wurtz

Macula (2009) for 10 instruments (fl, cl, pno, 2 percussion, 2 vln, vla, vc, db)

  • Composed as part of the Master of Music Thesis at McGill University

Specks (2007) for 10 instruments, (fl, cl, pno, 2 percussion, 2 vln, vla, vc, db)

  • Premiered by the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, Conducted by Denys Bouliane

3 Etudes (2004) for 2 Percussion and 2 Pianos

  • Premiered by the Hammerhead Consort; awarded second place in the Socan Young Composers Competition


Keyboard and Solo Works:

2 and a Half Miniatures for solo piano, 2006

  • Premiered by Xenia Pestova

Flux for solo alto saxophone, 2005

  • Premiered by Pu Yuan-Ku, Taipei, Taiwan

Independent Turmoil for solo double bass, 2003

  • Premiered by Matt Stepney

Pleiades for Solo Piano, 2002

  • Premiered by Roger Admiral


Electronic Music/Mixed works:

All Together Now, 2 instruments and audio loops (fl, ten. sx.), Skirts  Fire festival, March 2017

Scrap, for 7 instruments (fl, cl,, vln, vc, pno, perc) and electronics, 2016
*Premiered June 2016, Edmonton, AB, commissioned by the Violet Collective

(RRR) for piano and live electronics, 2014        
*Premiered March 2015, commissioned by Xenia Pestova


The Long and the Short of It (2008) for cello, live electronics and 2 Digital Musical Instruments

  • Premiered by the Digital Orchestra (Xenia Pestova, Erika Donald and Fernando Rocha) during the Musimars New Music Festival, Montreal

Bovine Etudes (2006) for 2 digital musical instruments

  • In collaboration with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology

Flow (2005) for stereo-channel electroacoustic systemAltovis (2005) for voice and live-electronics

  • Performed during Soundscope, Edmonton Nextfest, 2005

State of the Union (2004) for stereo-channel electroacoustic system

  • Presented during the EuCue electroacoustic series, Montreal 2005

Interdisciplinary Works/Projects

?Stable for mouthpiece-less saxophone and dancer, 2005

  • Premiered by Alfredo Mendoza and Miriam Esquitin, Expanse Festival

Improvisations, piano, electronics and 3 dancers (in collaboration with Milezero Dance lab), 2005